SEIU: Verdict doesn’t bring George home or stop need for work to address racial injustice in state


MINNEAPOLIS The SEIU Minnesota State Council, which brings together 60,000 workers across Minnesota, including nearly 10,000 in Minneapolis, released the following statement after police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted of murder for the killing of George Floyd:

“In Minnesota, we believe that no matter where we come from or what we look like, we all should be able to return home safely each night. For George Floyd’s family, and far too many others across our state, their loved one never made it home because they were killed by a police officer. Today we once again send our deepest sympathy to his loved ones who lost a son, partner, uncle and friend.


“No verdict could ever truly bring justice for the Floyd family. The jury’s decision today gives us the bare minimum: a recognition that George Floyd’s life had value and that his murderer won’t walk free. 

“In Minnesota we know that our current system is not working. Those in power work to divide us by race, zip code and our wealth to keep us from coming together to build a state where all of us – no exceptions – can thrive. They underfund our schools and neighborhoods and then blame Black people and immigrants for our hard times. They have designed and upheld a justice system where even though the whole world saw the video of a Black man being murdered by a police officer, we weren’t sure whether the officer would be held to account. All the while, a handful of politicians shame and blame the very victims of this police violence to distract us from their failure to ensure we have the care, security and support every one of us needs. We see through it, and we demand better. 

“Our Union remains committed to standing up and fighting back when any of us are under attack, whether it is Black people killed by the police, Latino immigrants detained at the border, or Asian Pacific Islanders attacked in the streets. We can’t separate who we are at work from who we are in our homes and communities. Our struggles are all linked. We know that when Black, Brown and white people stand together, we can reimagine the role of police and the criminal justice system and rethink public safety. We also want to thank the team of Attorney General Keith Ellison for their work to make sure this case was prosecuted. Our state is lucky to have AG Ellison.

“In the memory of George Floyd and all others lost to our broken system, our Union remains committed to building a better world for working families in Minneapolis and across our state and country. ”


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