Healthcare Workers’ Union Applauds Legislative Move Towards Lower Drug Prices

SAINT PAUL – After the Minnesota House of Representatives passed the Minnesota Prescription Drug Price Transparency Act (SF 1098/HF 1246) Saturday afternoon by a large bi-partisan majority of 99-33, SEIU Healthcare Minnesota President Jamie Gulley made the following statement:

capitol blng“All Minnesotans – no matter our wealth, race or zip code – deserve to have the medicine we need to keep our families healthy. SEIU Healthcare Minnesota was proud to join a diverse coalition of business, labor, and consumer groups who came together to help reduce the high cost of prescription drugs. This is just a first step toward ensuring access to affordable prescription drugs for all Minnesotans, but it is an important first step. We want to thank the authors Rep. Kelly Morrison and Sen. Julie Rosen for bringing together large bi-partisan majorities in each body of the Legislature. This broad support reflects the fact that the high cost of drugs is a universal and crippling problem for Minnesotans. Greater transparency will bring some relief and we look forward to working together with elected officials and advocates to pursue further protections that will ensure that every Minnesotan can afford a trip to the pharmacy.”

The bill now goes to the Governor for his signature.



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