Union Members Vote!

Minnesota has one of the highest voter turnout rates in the country, in part because union members vote at high rates. As union members, we need to make sure our co-workers have all the information they need in order to vote. We want a state where all families – no matter our job, race or zip code – can live safe, happy and healthy lives. To make that possible we need working people to VOTE in 2020!

UNION_members_rsRegister to Vote

Not registered? Don’t worry, it’s easy. Even if you think you are registered, you might not be. If you moved or have not voted in the last couple of elections, you may need to update your registration.


You can check if you are registered online at seiu.mn/checkstatus

If you’re not registered, there are many easy

ways to register:


Already Registered? Make a plan to vote!

Don’t take a chance, vote before Election Day


Minnesota makes it easy to vote before Election Day. Voting early means you don’t have to worry about getting stuck at work or having to deal with a last-minute emergency. You can vote at home with time to look up all the information you need. In addition, by voting early, you help prevent long lines on election day that might discourage other voters.

You can vote early:


VOTE on Election Day

Or you can do what you’ve always been able to do…vote on election day! Find your polling place: seiu.mn/pollfinder

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