Guardian Angels Workers in Elk River Avoid Strike, Reach Agreement on New Contract

Elk River, MINN – Following a two-day ULP strike in June and just a week after members voted to hold a 10-day ULP strike if no agreement could be reached, members of SEIU Healthcare Minnesota and management at Guardian Angels reached an agreement Friday on a Tentative Agreement for a new three-year contract.
Guardian_Angels_ballot_rsMembers voted overwhelmingly to ratify the proposal Monday. Important gains included pay increases of 7.5% over next two years (with retro pay for time since contract expired), winning Union access for members to have a voice on the job for the first time in 30 years, improvements on staffing and hiring bonuses to address staffing shortages.
The bargaining team released the following statement following the membership voting to approve the agreement.
“After a long and drawn-out fight, we voted to approve our contract today and won an important victory for workers, residents and our whole community. We are so proud that we won the right to have union access, retro pay and pay increases that will help recruit and retain the staff that make this the Five Star facility that it is. We learned through the last six months that SEIU’s saying is true: When We Fight, We Win!”
SEIU Healthcare Minnesota represents healthcare and long term care workers in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and home care across Minnesota.
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