SEIU Healthcare Minnesota Member James Holt, Jr. Responds to GOP Insulin Proposal

SAINT PAUL – Following the Senate Republicans announcing their plans to address the insulin crisis, SEIU Healthcare Minnesota member James Holt, Jr. released the following statement. 
Jame_Holt_Insulin_rs“As a father to Alec, a healthcare worker and a leader of SEIU Healthcare Minnesota, I want a solution to this insulin crisis more than words can explain. I’m proud to be part of a union and a movement that believes every person – no matter our race, wealth or zip code – deserves the medicine they need to not just survive but thrive. I am glad the Senate Republicans today engaged in this important conversation, but what they’ve proposed isn’t the solution we need to meet the challenge of Pharma greed that Minnesota families are facing. People are dying. They need emergency access. We need solutions that take into account the voices of the people directly affected. We need results, not just talk. We need our elected officials to show that the lives of Minnesotans are more important than corporate healthcare profits. To ensure no one else has to die like Alec did, we need elected officials to directly take on Big Pharma and the corporate greed that is killing people so CEOs can make more money. We need Insulin For ALL.”
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