SEIU Minnesota State Council Endorses Tim Walz for Governor & Peggy Flanagan for Lt. Governor

SAINT PAUL — The SEIU Minnesota State Council, which brings together over 50,000 working people across the state, announced today the endorsement of Congressman Tim Walz for governor and State Representative Peggy Flanagan for lieutenant governor. SEIU members are on the front lines of the fight for good union jobs, quality affordable healthcare, fully-funded public schools and communities that are safe and welcoming for all families. Members from all three of the largest SEIU locals in Minnesota shared their excitement in supporting the Walz/Flanagan ticket.Congrats_Tim_Peggy_rs

LaDonna Meinecke, a clinical social worker who is a member of SEIU Healthcare Minnesota, shared why she is excited to support Walz/Flanagan this fall.
“In the 10 years I have known Tim Walz, I have been impressed with how he speaks truth to power on behalf of working families in Congress. I look forward to him continuing this practice in St. Paul,” said Meinecke. “Our state needs a governor who will stand up to Republicans like Jeff Johnson who will try to use fear-mongering gimmicks to make us afraid of people who look different than us or live in a different part of the state. Such divisiveness does not reflect Minnesota values and it does not move us forward in finding solutions to real problems. I unequivocally support Tim Walz to be the next governor of Minnesota. He will work tirelessly to unify Minnesotans in our efforts to improve the well being of all families in our state by focusing on the things that really matter: good jobs, affordable healthcare, quality public schools, and safe, livable communities.”

Val Rolstad, a special education school worker and member of SEIU Local 284, spoke about why she was excited for the team of Walz and Flanagan to continue Governor Mark Dayton’s legacy.

“I know that Tim and Peggy are going to be a dynamic team in the governor’s office. Having Peggy Flanagan as lieutenant governor alongside Tim means that the governor’s office will always be a place that listens to and fights for all families in our state, not just those at the top,” said Rolstad. “There are so many critical issues at stake in this election, including the need to invest in our public schools, and Tim and Peggy are clearly the best choice to fight alongside working families in Minnesota. I’m excited to spend this fall talking to my friends and neighbors about this critical election and why the Walz/Flanagan ticket are who we need to keep our state moving forward.”

Candy Wright, a security officer and member of SEIU Local 26, joined fellow SEIU members in showing excitement over SEIU’s endorsement of Walz and Flanagan.

“I am so excited my union is supporting Tim and Peggy in this year’s election. Minnesotans deserve leaders who are going to fight for the things that matter to our families like good union jobs, healthcare we can afford and schools that help our students thrive. Tim and Peggy are the clear choice to keep our state moving forward,” said Wright. “Despite our differences, Minnesotans are united in our belief that all families, no matter the color of our skin or where we live, should be able to live safe, healthy and happy lives. I’ll be working hard to elect Tim and Peggy this fall because I know they share our values and are the best choice to make our state a place that works for every family in Minnesota, not just the rich and powerful.”

SEIU is Minnesota’s third largest and fastest-growing labor union, representing over 50,000 workers statewide who provide care and support for your family in your homes, hospitals, public schools, nursing homes, hotels, universities and the Twin Cities’ largest public and private buildings, and who make and distribute products used by Minnesotans every day.  SEIU members are employed in a variety of occupations, including:

  • Hospital, clinic, nursing home and in-home support workers with SEIU Healthcare Minnesota
  • Public school and early childhood workers, and university faculty with SEIU Local 284
  • Commercial and public building maintenance employees and security officers with SEIU Local 26
  • Hospitality, commercial laundry, manufacturing and distribution workers with Workers United


The SEIU Minnesota State Council coordinates the electoral, legislative and outreach work of the SEIU Locals in Minnesota to increase the effectiveness of their efforts to organize unorganized workers in critical sectors of our economy, improve wages, hours and working conditions, and build political and legislative power for all workers and their families.  The State Council’s board is comprised of elected leaders, SEIU members and staff of the various SEIU Local Unions in Minnesota, and that board, with the active participation and input of our broader membership, determines our endorsements.

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