SEIU File News Charges Against Mayo for Retaliation Against Albert Lea Workers Who Went on Strike

Albert Lea, Minn – SEIU filed new charges against Mayo Tuesday evening relating to retaliation against employees following the 1-day strike in Albert Lea and the subsequent Christmas Lockout. This comes just weeks after Region 18 of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) found merit to the Union’s charge that Mayo illegally locked out employees over Christmas. The new charges allege that Mayo took retaliatory action against Albert Lea employees who spoke out around the strike immediately after workers returned to work. It also highlights that Mayo has refused to engage with the union about ongoing concerns from longtime employees (via the legal grievance process) and is not allowing the union their legally-protected communications within the hospital. The formal language of the charges are at the bottom of the release.

rs_Albert_Lea_Mayo_HCMN_strikeDave Larson, who has worked in utilities at the hospital for 11 years, expressed the continued frustration that Mayo seems to be choosing every option except bargaining in good faith with their employees.

“SEIU members in Albert Lea want what every family in Minnesota wants: good jobs and quality healthcare for our families. But Mayo continues to push their demands that would undermine our jobs and take away healthcare. Now information is out that when workers stood up and called out Mayo for their un-Minnesotan behavior with a 1-day ULP strike (and were subsequently locked out for 7-days), leaders of the group faced retaliation when they returned to work. This is wrong. SEIU members are willing to meet halfway — and have proposed many options that would allow for compromise — but Mayo continues to demand that it is their way or the highway. Mayo executives have taken this attitude to the extreme in the behavior described in the most recent NLRB charges. It is beyond time for Mayo to treat their workers, patients and the entire Albert Lea community with the respect we deserve.”

Formal NLRB charges filed against Mayo:

“Within the past 6 months, the Employer has interfered with Section 7 rights and otherwise retaliated against bargaining-unit employees by, for example, taking adverse action against those employees for filing and successfully pursuing unfair labor practice charges against the Employer and for engaging in other protected concerted activity. Also within the past 6 months, the Employer has failed to bargain in good faith by, among other things, refusing to process or even recognize valid grievances timely filed by the Union and by making unilateral changes to interfere with and otherwise impede the Union’s communications with bargaining-unit employees about Union-related matters.”


SEIU Healthcare Minnesota represents over 35,000 healthcare and long term care workers in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and home care across Minnesota.

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