SEIU Statement on Mayo Board Member Resignation

Rochester, Minn — Following news that former Best Buy CEO Brad Anderson had stepped down from the Mayo Clinic board after it came out he had donated tens of thousands of dollars to a group promoting hateful anti-Islam messages, SEIU Healthcare Minnesota President Jamie Gulley released the following statement.

“It is good that Mr. Anderson is no longer on the board of Mayo, but the question now is why was a corporate CEO with no connection to Rochester or healthcare on the board in the first place? Even before the vile work he was funding came to light, why did he have a seat at the table making decisions about jobs, healthcare and investments in Rochester and across Southern Minnesota instead of someone from the community? Could it be that Mayo’s actions that have increasingly put profits and their own power over the health and security of families in our community comes in part from a board of directors who see profit and power as the ultimate objectives? Mayo should use their latest controversy as a chance to reevaluate how they do business and consider putting someone with roots in our community on the board so there are not more future embarrassments like this.”


SEIU Healthcare Minnesota represents over 35,000 healthcare and long term care workers in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and home care across Minnesota.

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