SEIU Endorse Tina Smith, Angie Craig, Keith Ellison and Betty McCollum

St. Paul ­– The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Minnesota State Council is proud to announce the first batch of endorsements for the 2018 elections. The Executive Board of the State Council voted to endorse Senator Tina Smith for the United States Senate, Angie Craig for the House of Representatives in the 2nd Congressional District, Representative Betty McCollum in the 4th Congressional District and Representative Keith Ellison in the 5th Congressional District. There will be more endorsements for federal, state and local elections throughout the spring.

Sen_Tina_Smith_SEIU“Tina Smith understands that for our state to be strong, working people need to have a seat at the table. When the security officers & janitors in my union were fighting for a fair contract in 2015, we fought hard to win decent wages that allow us to afford safe housing, healthcare that can support our families, and a voice to fight for what is right at a time when corporations and wealthy CEOs have more and more power,” said Haybe. “When we needed support, Tina Smith was there. We won important gains for our families, but we believe that every person in Minnesota should have the dignity and security that comes with good pay and quality, affordable healthcare. Tina Smith stood with us well before she was running for statewide office, so we know she means it when she says she will be a champion for working families as our Senator. Tina has proven time and again she wants to make Minnesota a state that works for all families, not just those at the top, and I am excited my union will be working to ensure she continues that work as our United States Senator.”

In announcing the endorsement of Angie Craig, home care worker and SEIU Healthcare Minnesota member Leilani Madden shared why she supports Craig and will be voting for Craig in November.

“As a home care worker and mother of a disabled and chronically ill daughter, I am so proud my union endorsed Angie Craig because I believe she not only understand us, she is one of us,” said Madden, who lives in Farmington with her family. “Angie and her family experienced first hand the financial suffering that comes along with medical complications. Raised by a single mother, at times, Angie went without health care coverage.  When her sister experienced a medical complication, Angie felt the weight of her mother’s distress as bills became unmanageable. These skills will help make her a great Congresswoman.”

“Angie understands how vital employee benefits are to home care workers, our families, and all Minnesotans for a safe and fulfilling career and life,” Madden continued. “Angie understands the link between high quality education and career training to increase stability. One of Angie’s fundamental values encourages fully funding Minnesota’s special education programs within the public school system. She wants all children to be given the same opportunities and be able to reach their full potential. I am excited to work with my union to make sure Angie Craig is the next Representative for CD2.”
The union also announced the endorsements of Rep. Betty McCollum in CD4 and Rep. Keith Ellison in CD5. Both are proven champions for working families and SEIU members in the Twin Cities look forward to re-electing Rep. McCollum and Rep. Ellison on Nov. 6th.

SEIU is Minnesota’s third largest and fastest-growing labor union, representing approximately 53,000 workers statewide who provide care and support for your family in your homes, hospitals, public schools, nursing homes, hotels, universities and the Twin Cities’ largest public and private buildings, and who make and distribute products used by Minnesotans every day.  SEIU members are employed in a variety of occupations, including:

  • Hospital, clinic, nursing home and in-home support workers with SEIU Healthcare Minnesota
  • Public school and early childhood workers, and university faculty with SEIU Local 284
  • Commercial and public building maintenance employees and security officers with SEIU Local 26
  • Hospitality, commercial laundry, manufacturing and distribution workers with Workers United


The SEIU Minnesota State Council coordinates the electoral, legislative and outreach work of the SEIU Locals in Minnesota to increase the effectiveness of their efforts to organize unorganized workers in critical sectors of our economy, improve wages, hours and working conditions, and build political and legislative power for all workers and their families.  The State Council’s board is comprised of elected leaders, SEIU members and staff of the various SEIU Local Unions in Minnesota, and that board, with the active participation and input of our broader membership, determines our endorsements.

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