Support SEIU-Endorsed Candidates in 2017 Elections!


For working families in Minnesota, it is more important than ever that we know which candidates will stand with us in our fight to make our state one that works for all of us, not just those at the top. Check below for candidates who have been endorsed by SEIU members and make sure to vote on November 7th! Where and how you can vote can be found HERE.


Mayor – Mayor Betsy Hodges

Ward 1 – Council Member Kevin Reich

Ward 2 – Council Member Cam Gordon

Ward 3- Steve Fletcher

Ward 5- Jeremiah Ellison

Ward 6- Council Member Abdi Warsame

Ward 8- Andrea Jenkins (SEIU Local 284 member)

Ward 9- Council Member Alondra Cano

Ward 10 – Council Member Lisa Bender

Ward 11- Council Member John Quincy

Ward 12 – Council Member Andrew Johnson

Ward 13 – Council Member Linea Palmisano

Park Board District 2 – Kale Severson (SEIU Healthcare MN member)



– Michael Poke (SEIU Local 284 Member)

– Dawn Steigauf (SEIU Healtchare Minnesota member)

– Jane Stoa

– John Moravec

– YES! on the Levy


– Amanda Reineck (SEIU Local 284 member)

– Bob Sansevere

White Bear Lake

– Deborah Beloyed

– Kim Chapman

– Jessica Ellison

– Don Mullin

– YES! on the Levy

District 196

– Craig Angrimson

– Art Coulson

– Mike Roseen

Anoka Hennepin

– Bill Harvey

– Anna Dirkswager

– Jeff Simon

– YES! on the Levy

Mounds View

– Jennifer Daniels

– Diane Glasheen

– YES! on the Levy


Prepared by the SEIU Minn State Council Political Fund, 2233 University Ave W, #422, St. Paul, MN 55114, as an independent expenditure, and is not approved by any candidate nor is any candidate responsible for its content.

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