SEIU Response to News of Wage Increases at Target

The move is the latest example of momentum for the Fight for $15 movement

Minneapolis — The SEIU Minnesota State Council, which brings together local unions that represent over 50,000 workers in Minnesota, released the following statement in response to Target announcing they would be raising wages immediately, with plans to reach $15 by 2020.

“Working families started the Fight for $15 in 2012 when a small group of New York fast food workers went on strike with this clear demand. SEIU members have fought for $15 through our union contracts and as part of coalitions working to raise the minimum wage. Minnesota janitors, security officers, hospital workers and more have won on this demand in recent years through their union. Home care workers, airport workers, fast food workers, school employees and others have been and continue to fight for wages that support families and begin to chip away at the inequalities that are plaguing Minnesota and our country. Because of the bravery of these workers, in a matter of years this demand has gone from seemingly outlandish to a campaign that is winning real change for working families.

“From Mayor Hodges and the Minneapolis City Council passing $15 earlier this year to the news from Target today, it is clear that  “When We Fight, We Win” is more than just a slogan. The strikes, pickets, rallies and protests across Minnesota over the last four years have changed the landscape and altered what is realistic for working families. SEIU is proud of our members and proud of all the underpaid workers, along with worker and community organizations, who are fighting to push elected officials and corporations to do what is right. The pressure is working. We look forward to more cities and more corporations following Minneapolis and Target in doing what is right in the near future.”


SEIU is the workers who provide care and support for your family in public schools, hospitals, higher education, nursing homes, schools, in your homes and the Twin Cities’ largest public and private buildings. The SEIU Minnesota State Council coordinates the electoral, legislative and outreach work of the SEIU Locals in Minnesota to increase the effectiveness of their collective bargaining and new member organizing campaigns. By building the political involvement of the approximately 53,000 workers SEIU represents throughout the state, the State Council is working to improve the lives of all Minnesotans. The State Council’s board is comprised of elected leaders, members, and staff of the four SEIU Local Unions in Minnesota.

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