Tell Congress: Protect Our Healthcare and Medicaid

Extremists in Congress, including Minnesota GOP members, are rushing to rip healthcare from millions of Americans and end Medicaid as we know it with extreme cuts to funding healthcare for children, seniors and people with disabilities who have the least ability to pay.

This would mean weaker protections for our health security, higher costs and less care for millions of our families, patients, consumers and our communities. Lives are at risk. Care in is on the line. Communities will suffer.

On March 16th, join the National Medicaid call-in day to protect our care.

Call 866-426-2631 and tell them why healthcare matters to you & your family.

Tell them to vote “no” on the healthcare repeal bill. Tell them we can’t afford for healthcare and Medicaid to be taken away from children, seniors and people with disabilities who need it most. Tell them we can’t afford for our loved ones to lose protections for pre-existing conditions, and for monthly premiums and co-pays to go up for Minnesotans. 

Congressional leaders are rushing to push through this bill so it becomes law in as few as 30 days. Please join Minnesotans from across the state in calling your member of Congress on March 16th.

We must take action now.

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