Supporting Healthy Families

While some in our state are doing better than ever, many Minnesota workers, including working parents, lack access to policies that support healthy families. These problems disproportionately affect people of color and underpaid workers. There are multiple solutions this legislative session to begin fixing these issues, including Paid Family Leave and expanding MinnesotaCare.


Paid Family Leave:

The United States is the only advanced economy that doesn’t require paid leave, and it’s time to modernize our workplace standards. Paid leave enhances family health, protects family economic security, reduces reliance on public assistance programs, and benefits employers by lowering turnover, boosting productivity, and enhancing morale.

Watch a video from the Paid Family Leave kickoff.


How to Fix It:


Expanding MinnesotaCare:

We also are fighting so more working families can have access to good, affordable health insurance. Currently, MinnesotaCare covers more than 100,000 Minnesotans who work hard but still struggle to make ends meet. It is used by employees of small businesses, by entrepreneurs, and by family farmers across the state.

Unfortunately, Minnesotans just above the income cut-off for MinnesotaCare face drastically higher premiums and cost-sharing that prevents far too many from accessing physical and mental health care when they need it, even if they are insured.


How We Fix It:

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