Investing Our Surplus in Education


With our budget surplus, we should be investing in education, not talking about giving away our revenue in tax cuts for the wealthy. We need to ensure that every kid in Minnesota can experience the transformative power of a great education, regardless of background or ZIP code.

Investing in our families, through policies that support education from cradle to career, would help strengthen our state for all Minnesotans. We can and must fund education priorities to begin to roll back our state’s growing disparities.


How We Fix It:

  • Work to address our current teacher shortage and bring more teachers of color into our schools. Policy Recommendation from Education Minnesota
  • Ensure that high-quality pre-Kindergarten programs are available to every child in Minnesota. Policy Recommendation from Education Minnesota
  • Make public colleges and universities more affordable, so that all Minnesotans have access to debt-free college education. Learn more via MN Academics United

Support funding so our university is one of the nation’s best public research universities. Learn more via MN Academics United

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