School Support Staff Comment on House Tax Omnibus Bill

St Paul, MN — Minnesota school support staff are calling on members of the House Tax Committee to vote against the tax omnibus bill released today, and instead invest in Minnesota’s students by increasing the targets for E-12 Education.

SEIU Local 284 members from across Minnesota issued the following statements on Monday:

Amanda Reineck

Pre-K Teacher, Wayzata & Parent

“This was supposed to be the year for Greater Minnesota. How many people in rural communities will benefit from cutting the estate tax? Instead, communities across the state will be forced to continue to pass levys and referenda to pay for our schools. Getting rid of the taxes for high income earners will not help folks in rural Minnesota, but investing in our kids will.”

Anna Angeles- Farris

Custodian, ISD 194 Lakeville & Parent

“These tax cuts demonstrate that the priorities of the House GOP are out of step with what Minnesotans want. We want good schools, good services, and affordable healthcare. This legislature is lining the pockets of the rich by cutting the estate tax instead of helping regular families like mine. Our schools will be devastated by this budget. We can’t let this happen.”

Dan Long

Maintenance Technician, ISD 15 St Francis & Parent

“I have a child in 10th grade and want the very best for him. We have a chance to re-invest in our schools, yet this budget spends $15 in tax cuts that are mostly for the wealthy for every $1 in new education funding.   This means drastic cuts to schools, larger class sizes and an increased reliance on local property taxes through referendums. All students in Minnesota deserve a good education, whether in Greater Minnesota or the Twin Cities.”

 Lori Smith, Cafeteria Staff

 ISD 742, St Cloud & Parent

“With a $2 billion surplus, we should be working to close the achievement gap and increasing support and equity for all school districts. Instead we are rolling back the clock and divesting in education as if there were a budget deficit. Our legislators should do the right thing for our kids and fix this budget.”  Class_Room_Seats_rs


SEIU Local 284 represents 8700 bus drivers, paraprofessionals, food service workers, early learning employees, clerical staff and custodians throughout the state of Minnesota.

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