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Providing Economic Security for All Americans

Issue:Drivers Licenses for All

Why it Matters: Having the freedom to learn the rules of the road and earn a drivers license is an important part of being a full member of society. Being able to obtain a license is key to being able to engage as part of our community. With our current laws, undocumented families are not given this opportunity. All Minnesotans should have the ability to earn a drivers licenses without regard to immigration status.

Details/More Info: Minnesota immigrants explain why they support driver’s licenses for all


Issue:Funding for Long-Term Care Facilities

Why it Matters: Long-term care facilities deliver essential services for our aging population across the state, but without additional funding, they will be hard pressed to attract and retain workers to provide quality care to our growing senior population, especially in rural parts of our state. The new system should not promote a two-tiered workforce where housekeeping and dietary staff are treated significantly different from other caregivers. In addition, the new system should maintain protections that direct revenues to better wages/benefits and provide a strong worker voice in how those revenues are distributed.


Issue:Retirement Security

Why it Matters:We are facing a crisis of retirement insecurity in our state and country, with nearly one million Minnesota workers having no retirement savings options through their employer, and of these, barely one in twenty save for retirement outside of work. As a result, hundreds of thousands of Minnesota households nearing or at retirement age (55+) have no retirement savings to speak of, and face the prospect of living in or near poverty on nothing but Social Security, or continuing to work indefinitely into their retirement years. Minnesota must do better for our workers who have spent a lifetime working hard and playing by the rules in the hopes that they might to be able to enjoy their retirement years.

Details/More Info: Fact Sheet on Minnesota Secure Choice Retirement Savings Act; AARP Fact Sheet



Issue:Labor Law Enforcement

Why it Matters: At a time when workers are increasingly falling behind and executive pay is at record high, it is more important than ever that we enforce the laws that are already on the books. This means pushing to improve, implement and make certain laws are being followed to prevent employer retaliation, wage theft and abuses around family and medical leave.


Issue:Earned Sick & Safe Time

Why it Matters: Minnesota families should not have to choose between taking care of their families health or making the money needed to put food on the table. When someone doesn’t have earned sick and safe time, they are forced to make this heartbreaking decision. In addition, many of the workers who lack sick time work are concentrated in the service industry, which means that if they have no choice but to work it can cause public health issues. Passing a bill for earned sick (for health issues) and safe (for issues like domestic violence) time will be a boost to thousands of working families in our state.


Issue:Fair Scheduling

Why it Matters:Increasingly, corporations are using “flex scheduling” to increase their bottom line. This practice means workers don’t find out if they are working until the last minute, sometimes even after they show up for their shift. This causes undue hardship for those who need to arrange childcare, rely on public transportation and for the majority of workers in low-wage jobs who need to have a second or third job just to pay the bills. A fair scheduling law would call on employers to give their workers fair notice on when, and for how long, they will be working each shift.

Details/More Info: Airserv workers take on company’s ‘standby’ scheduling



Issue:Voting Rights Expansion

Why it Matters: Minnesota has a long and rich history as being at the top of the list for voter turnout, but we still have nearly half of the eligible voters stay home on Election Day 2014. There are ways to catch those who may not have voted, including early voting and vote by mail, which can ensure that as many Minnesotans as possible are taking part in our Democracy. We also have laws that continue to punish those who have committed a crime but are no longer incarcerated. Voting is an important part of our social fabric, and working to promote voting rights restoration for the tens of thousands of Minnesotans currently denied the right to vote will only serve to strengthen our communities and our state.

Details/More Info: Second Chance Coalition


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