SEIU Minnesota State Council Announce 2014 Endorsements

Cite commitment to working people of Minnesota as driving force behind support

St. Paul ­– The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Minnesota State Council formally announced their 2014 legislative endorsements today. During the member-driven screening process, there was an emphasis on supporting candidates who will stand up for middle class families over corporate interests and recognizing legislators who support investing in education and defending programs that help working families get ahead.

Voting_United_States_rs“Our members in the healthcare field, including the thousands of new members from the home care industry, are energized to continue working with candidates who share our desire to strengthen and grow the middle class in Minnesota,” said Jamie Gulley, President of SEIU Healthcare Minnesota. “We’ve seen how much stronger our state can be when we balance our budget fairly, invest in education and put the priorities of working people at the forefront of legislative work, yet we understand we still have a lot of work to do.”

“Local 284 members work in schools all around the state, and they know the importance of the historic investments in education made over the last two years,” said Carol Nieters, Executive Director of SEIU Local 284. “We are excited to support the candidates who have fought to make our state a better place for working families so we can continue to move our state forward.”

“SEIU members know how important this election is for working people, and we are excited to stand with legislators who share our values,” said Javier Morillo-Alicea, President of SEIU Local 26. “With so much at stake, our members are ready to work with candidates who fight for the priorities of working people, not just big corporations.”


Federal Offices:

Al Franken – US Senate

Tim Walz – CD1

Mike Obermueller – CD2

Betty McCollum – CD4

Keith Ellison – CD5

Collin Peterson –CD 7

Rick Nolan – CD8


State Constitutional Offices:

Mark Dayton/Tina Smith – Governor/Lieutenant Governor

Lori Swanson – Attorney General

Rebecca Otto – State Auditor

Steve Simon – Secretary of State


MN House of Representatives:

Bruce Patterson — 01A

Eric Bergeson — 01B

Roger Erickson — 02A

Mary Murphy – 03B

Ben Lien – 04A

Paul Marquart – 04B

John Persell – 05A

Tom Anzelc – 05B

Carly Melin – 06A

Jason Metsa – 06B

Jennifer Schultz – 07A

Erik Simonson – 07B

Jay Sieling – 08B

Dan Bye – 09A

Al Doty – 09B

John Ward – 10A

Joe Radinovich – 10B

Mike Sundin – 11A

Gordon Wagner – 12B

Dan Wolgamott – 14A

Zachary Dorholt – 14B

Laurie Driessen – 16A

James Kanne – 16B

Andrew Falk – 17A

Mary Sawatzky – 17B

Clark Johnson – 19A

Jack Considine – 19B

David Bly – 20B

Joe Schomacker – 22A

Rod Hamilton – 22B

Pat  Bacon – 23A

Bev Cashman – 24A

Patti Fritz – 24B

Shannon Savick – 27A

Jeanne Poppe – 27B

Greg Davids – 28B

JD Holmquist – 31B

Paul Gammel – 32A

Laurie Warner – 32B

Todd Mikkelson – 33A

Paul Alegi – 33B

David Hoden – 34B

Abigail Whelan — 35A

Jefferson Fietek – 36A

Melissa Hortman – 36B

Jerry Newton – 37A

Tim Sanders – 37B

Pat Davern – 38A

Tim Stender – 39A

Tom DeGree – 39B

Michael Nelson – 40A

Debra Hilstrom – 40B

Connie Bernardy – 41A

Carolyn Laine – 41B

Barb Yarusso – 42A

Jason Isaacson – 42B

Peter Fischer – 43A

Audrey Britton – 44A

Jon Applebaum – 44B

Lyndon Carlson – 45A

Mike Freiberg – 45B

Ryan Winkler – 46A

Cheryl  Youakim – 46B

Yvonne Selcer – 48A

Ron Erhardt – 49A

Paul Rosenthal – 49B

Linda Slocum – 50A

Ann Lenczewski – 50B

Sandra Masin – 51A

Laurie Halverson – 51B

Rick Hansen – 52A

Joe Atkins – 52B

Joann Ward – 53A

Dan Schoen – 54A

Denny McNamara – 54B

Dan Kimmel – 56A

Will Morgan – 56B

Bruce Folken – 57A

Denise Packard – 57B

Amy  Willingham – 58A

Joe Mullery – 59A

Raymond Dehn – 59B

Diane Loeffler – 60A

Frank Hornstein – 61A

Paul Thissen – 61B

Karen Clark – 62A

Susan Allen – 62B

Jim Davnie – 63A

Jean Wagenius – 63B

Erin Murphy – 64A

Dave Pinto – 64B

Rena Moran – 65A

Carlos Mariani – 65B

Alice Hausman – 66A

John Lesch – 66B

Tim Mahoney – 67A

Sheldon Johnson – 67B


Local Races:

Joy Marsh Stevens – Brooklyn Park Mayor

Iris Altimarano – Minneapolis School Board At-Large

Jenny Arneson – Minneapolis School Board District 1

Jim McDonough – Ramsey County Board

Rafael Ortega – Ramsey County Board

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