House Passage of Women’s Economic Security Act Praised As Step Forward for Working Families

SEIU Members highlight work on retirement security

SAINT PAUL, Minn –SEIU members praised the passage of the Women’s Economic Security Act in the Minnesota House Wednesday as a great step in helping working families in our state, recognizing that when women and families do better, our whole state does better. Among the numerous strong provisions in the bill, members expressed particular interest in continuing to fight for a state-administered retirement plan that will be studied by this bill. 

WESA_logo_rs“SEIU Healthcare Minnesota members have fought for pay equity and workplace protections in their contracts, and they know that when women and families are given a fair chance to succeed, all workers do better,” said Jamie Gulley, President of SEIU Healthcare Minnesota. “We are particularly thankful to SEIU Healthcare Minnesota retiree Representative Patti Fritz for starting the conversation on strengthening retirement security for Minnesota workers. Our members are looking forward to continuing the work so the one million Minnesotans without retirement savings options are given a chance to save their own money for their own retirement. ”

“Our members in public schools see how unequal treatment of women in the workplace effects whole families, and we thank lead authors Representative Carly Melin and Senator Sandy Pappas for leading the charge on this important issue,” said Carol Nieters, Executive Director of SEIU Local 284. “By moving the dial on issues like closing the gender pay gap, strengthening workplace protections, and working to provide options for retirement security for those currently without access, this bill is will help strengthen families throughout Minnesota.”

“Our members clearly understand that women should not pay a price simply because of their gender,” said Javier Morillo, President of SEIU Local 26. “With studies showing that women continue to make 80 cents to dollar that men make, this package promoting pay equity is an important step in creating a more equitable environment for all workers in our state. There is much work to be done, but passing the Women’s Economic Security Act will be a great victory for all workers in our state.”


SEIU is the workers who provide care and support for your family in hospitals, nursing homes, their own homes, schools, and the Twin Cities’ largest public and private buildings. The SEIU Minnesota State Council coordinates the electoral, legislative and outreach work of the SEIU Locals in Minnesota to increase the effectiveness of their collective bargaining and new member organizing campaigns. By building the political involvement of approximately 30,000 SEIU members throughout the state, the State Council is working to improve the lives of all Minnesotans. The State Council’s board is comprised of elected leaders, members, and staff of the four SEIU Local Unions in Minnesota.

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