Healthcare Workers Praise MNSure Rates, Say Will Lead to Higher Quality Health Care for More Minnesotans

MNSure rates some of the lowest in the nation

Saint Paul, Minn. – As the new health insurance exchange MNSure releases its rates today, members of Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Healthcare Minnesota are ecstatic to see that MNSure will have some of the lowest rates in the country. The cost for plans sold on the exchange are coming in much lower than originally projected, which mirrors national trends as reported in several studies, most recently the Kaiser Family Foundation, which show exchange premiums throughout the country coming in lower than forecasted.


“This means individuals will be able to purchase more healthcare coverage and keep more money in their pockets,” said Jamie Gulley, President of SEIU Healthcare Minnesota. “SEIU worked closely with Governor Dayton and the DFL legislative majorities to enact a consumer-friendly exchange that brings better healthcare coverage to 1.3 million Minnesotans. Today’s numbers showing that Minnesota will have the lowest average rates in the country show we delivered on the promise of more affordable, quality healthcare coverage for more Minnesotans.”

The MNSure exchange will allow Minnesotans to easily compare health plans side-by-side and empower them to select the plan that best fits their needs and budget. An estimated 300,000 previously uninsured Minnesotans are expected to use MNSure to access affordable, quality insurance. The exchange is a central component of the Affordable Care Act.

“These people are those who previously would run the risk of being turned away at hospitals and clinics,” said Yankuba Fadera, an Emergency Department Tech at St. John’s Hospital in Maplewood and member of SEIU Healthcare Minnesota. “Working in an emergency room, I see what happens when Minnesotans are forced to rely on emergency care, rather than being able to visit a doctor for preventative care or regular check-ups. That results in a lower quality of care and more cost to taxpayers. These rates will provide thousands of Minnesotans with the peace of mind knowing that every plan offered through MNSure will cover a comprehensive set of benefits like emergency room visits, prescriptions, mental health, and preventive care like cancer screenings and immunizations – and all at affordable rates.”

“For four years, the GOP has done nothing on healthcare reform except predict catastrophe from the Affordable Care Act,” continued Gulley. “These premiums, which are much, much lower than predicted, mean the sky is not falling. Instead, the Affordable Care Act is working, and voters will know that in 2014. I’m proud of the active role our members at SEIU played in this process and look forward to the continued work they will do to care for Minnesotans at hospitals, clinics and nursing homes.”



 SEIU Healthcare Minnesota unites more than 15,000 healthcare and long-term care workers in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and home care throughout the state of Minnesota. SEIU represents more than 30,000 members across Minnesota and is a powerful voice working to improve the lives of all Minnesotans.

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