Governor Dayton’s Revised Budget Shows Balance, Measured Approach to Investing in Working Families

Minnesota Working Families Stand Behind Fair Revenue, Investments in Schools, Seniors and Middle Class

St. Paul, MN – After weeks of public debate over the best budget to move Minnesota forward, members of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) are standing behind the Governor in his plan to restore fairness to our state by asking big corporations to give up tax loopholes and the richest two percent to pay their fair share.

“Governor Dayton’s reform plan is thoughtful and balanced,” said Jamie Gulley, President of SEIU Healthcare Minnesota. “This plan shows he listened to Minnesotans and has stayed true to his priorities in order to move all of us forward. What Minnesotans want is a balanced approach; what they want is a solution. They are tired of the status quo, of giving breaks to the special interests while middle class families shoulder the burden. We need a plan that grows the middle class through fair taxes and a responsible budget – and that’s what this plan does.”GovDayton_Budget-Release_rs

“This new budget proposal helps Minnesota’s kids,” said Carol Nieters, Executive Director of SEIU Local 284. “Every student matters, which is why this new revenue is crucial to Minnesota schools. Even though there is still plenty more that needs to be done to equalize education across the state, investments today benefit us all tomorrow. This is a strong step forward.”

“Growing the economy means creating jobs,” said Javier Morillo, President of SEIU Local 26. “Giving more tax breaks to those who already have them doesn’t create jobs. It just lets the special interests continue getting richer. We can’t balance the budget on the backs of the working class. Minnesotans have made it clear they want to restore fairness by asking the richest two percent to pay the same taxes as middle class families do.”

“These smart investments will ensure we can continue to build the middle class, fund our schools, and make crucial investments in our healthcare for seniors,” continued Gulley. “The richest in our state can’t continue to get breaks while our schools and seniors are forced to endure more and more cuts. The richest in our state need to be part of the solution.”

SEIU stands with the Governor and thanks him for these long-overdue investments to improve the lives of all Minnesotans. Working families look forward to a fair and responsible budget that invests in the middle class.



SEIU is the workers who provide care and support for your family in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, child care, and the Twin Cities’ largest public and private buildings. The SEIU Minnesota State Council coordinates the electoral, legislative and outreach work of the SEIU Locals in Minnesota to increase the effectiveness of their collective bargaining and new member organizing campaigns. By building the political involvement of approximately 30,000 SEIU members throughout the state, the State Council is working to improve the lives of all Minnesotans. The State Council’s board is comprised of elected leaders, members, and staff of the four SEIU Local Unions in Minnesota.


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