SEIU Minnesota Applauds President Obama’s Decision For DREAMers

St. Paul, MN.—President Obama showed leadership traits rarely found in Washington — common sense and courage — by granting administrative relief to eligible DREAMers this week.

“SEIU in Minnesota, and nationally, congratulates the young Dream Activists who have worked tirelessly to make the case for this sensible solution.  They are an example of this country at its best – people who came, often with nothing, and have made a life for themselves and enriched our communities,” says SEIU Local 26 President Javier Morillo.

According to the Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota, about 500 young people a year might benefit in Minnesota from the federal legislation.

DREAMERs are disproportionately high achieving young students with good moral character — valedictorians, athletes, cheerleaders, J-ROTC members, and future scientists, nurses and technology developers — who grew up in the United States and consider themselves Americans but are not citizens because they were brought to our country without documents.

They want to serve the country that is their home and we will benefit from their contributions that will begin with this administrative relief and that will hopefully turn into congressional enactment of the DREAM Act.

Through President Obama’s great and courageous leadership, DREAM eligible students in Minnesota and across the U.S. can start getting relief from the immediate threat of deportation. The President has now done all he can do, but the kind of relief he is able to grant is temporary by its nature.

It is now up to Congress to pass the DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform, which is the only way that the dreams of these productive Americans can finally be realized. SEIU will be urging Minnesota’s congressional members to vote in favor.

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