SEIU Healthcare Minnesota in Support of Minnesota Attorney General’s ongoing investigation of billing collection practices by Accretive at Area Hospitals

St. Paul, MN— Service Employees International Union  Healthcare Minnesota stands behind State Attorney General,  Lori Swanson and her staff in an ongoing investigation over unfair bill collections practices by the Illinois consulting firm, Accretive Health, at area hospitals.

The Attorney General’s investigation, supported by independent reporting by credible news organizations such as, The New York Times, Minneapolis Star Tribune and others, uncovered information pointing to aggressive and possibly illegal attempts to collect payments from patients at seven Fairview  hospitals and North Memorial Hospital,  even as the patients were seeking emergency treatment and other health care services.

“In a letter to Attorney General Swanson, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has urged the matter be resolved out of the public eye,” says Julie Schnell, president of SEIU Healthcare Minnesota. “But here in our state, we support complete transparency of such issues especially when Minnesotans are not only seeking access to affordable and quality health care but are entrusting their very lives to hospitals they seek care from.”

SEIU Healthcare Minnesota members provide care to patients at Fairview and North Memorial facilities and have raised serious concerns about Accretive’s practices for months. As Minnesota Public Radio reported last week , in bargaining a new contract with SEIU Healthcare Minnesota members, Fairview and North Memorial have refused to provide all information their employees have requested regarding Accretive.

Schnell says whenever the public’s health and safety is at issue, it is critically important that disputes not be resolved behind closed doors. “The public should have all the information, and the Attorney General has done Minnesotans a great service by bringing these issues of debt-collection in maternity wards and emergency rooms to light.”

Note: Schnell is available for media interviews.

In the News

The Star Tribune explains the clash between Minnesota Attorney General Swanson and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel


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