Lobby Day Continued Labor’s Momentum

Two days after 1,600 working men and women protested against a proposed “Right to Work” constitutional amendment at the State Capitol, about 200 SEIU Minnesota members lobbied against the measure through meetings with their state representatives.

SEIU Minnesota’s annual Lobby Day event carried added significance the same week of the larger protest—and many said they felt like they were helping continue to build momentum against the measure.  SEIU Healthcare Minnesota President, Julie Schnell spoke during a morning “teach-in” for SEIU member lobbyists. “There is more to winning for workers than showing up for one important rally. Winning on the issues that matter to us means taking time to talk one-on-one with our family, friends, neighbors and yes—even our lawmakers.  Remember, over time…a constant dripping of water can wear away stone.

And that is what we mean by lending our strong collective voice to the issues critical to hard-working Minnesotans—one drop, one voice, at a time—-over, and over and over again means we will eventually wear away attempts to dismantle unions in this country, dismantle the middle-class in this country and dismantle a fair economy.”

Member lobbyists also told their lawmakers of their opposition to two other proposed constitutional amendments: First, a so-called, “Supermajority” budget amendment that is short-sighted and would result in even more government shut-downs, legislative gridlock, budget gimmicks and cuts to critical local government services such as law enforcement and fire protection. Second, a co-called “Voter ID” amendment that is nothing more than a radical and partisan attempt that’s overly restrictive and would block many Minnesotans from their constitutional right to vote.

Schnell said that the protest earlier in the week and the successful SEIU Lobby Day were two events that were simply a taste of things to come as hard-working Minnesotans, and union members, continue to exercise not only their right to speak out against harmful measures but as they prepare to exercise the power of the vote come November.

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SEIU President, Julie Schnell, gives her take on the barrage of constitutional amendments to MPR

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