SEIU 2012 Caucus Resolutions

SEIU’s proposed resolutions to submit at 2012 party caucuses

A resolution to oppose the Anti-Middle Class constitutional amendments: “Right-to-work,” “supermajority” for revenue, Voter Suppression, and limiting the definition of Marriage.

Oppose All Constitutional Amendments

A resolution to oppose any attempt to enact legislation or constitutional amendment to make Minnesota a “Right-to-Work” state.

Oppose “Right-to-Work” Constitutional Amendment

Learn more about so called right-to-work legislation from this fact sheet.

Right-to-Work Fact Sheet

A resolution to oppose any amendment to Minnesota’s Constitution that would require a supermajority vote to raise taxes or use reserve funds, or would restrict lawmakers from using available resources.

Oppose Budget Constitutional Amendments

A resolution that opposes any legislation or constitutional amendment making it mandatory to present a photo-id to vote, which would make our election procress more costly and complicated, cause unequal treatment of voters, and block thousands of eligilble Minnesota voters from voting.

Oppose Voter Suppression Constitutional Amendments

Learn more about Voter Suppression amendments from this fact sheet.

Voter Suppression Fact Sheet

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